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The Seagull – LIVE!

March 1, 2014



Like the themes of unrequited love about The Seagull, there’s something melancholy about the Library Theatre’s final production, and Artistic Director Chris Honer’s last bow after over 20 years at the helm. There’s no doubt that this is a historic and bittersweet performance. It therefore seems fitting that their final play should go back to […]

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Is immersive theatre killing the Industry?

February 19, 2014



I remember the first time that I picked up one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books based on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five stories. It eschewed Blyton’s gentle stories for a more interactive experience. But it was an experience that left me feeling hollow. Screw up, and you can just turn back the pages. Get […]

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Spring and Port Wine – LIVE!

February 14, 2014



Bill Naughton’s period drama Spring and Port Wine is brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century thanks to a new adaptation as part of The Kings Arms’ ‘Mashed Up North’ festival. This story about a dominating father trying to control his increasingly wayward children whilst rebellion hangs is in the air may feel quaint […]

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