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Posted on February 29, 2012


A quick one today here. I was browsing in Tesco the other day when I noticed the “Ultimate Guide to Amazon Kindle” on sale in the magazine section. Intrigued I had a look. I realised it was one of these Magbooks that seems to be prevalent on the shelves nowadays. Fortunately, this one seems to be an all new collection of articles as opposed to reprints – but is it any good?

Well, ultimately, no. Clearly not made for the UK market, but rather a US one, it can at times actively discourage you from buying a Kindle. It spends an awful lot of time using the words “at the time of writing” to explain why you either can’t buy a product, or can’t use a particular service. Casual buyers flicking through might notice it explains how to lend books to other users. Not in the UK you can’t. Borrow books from a library? Not on a UK Kindle you can’t – buy a Nook or Sony device instead it says!

Even more disappointing is to the length at which it teases how to use a Kindle Fire and a Kindle Touch – which is all well and good if you could actually buy one in the UK. Very disappointing and sloppy. Worryingly, this seems to be part of an increasing trend, especially of these types of Magazine-Book hybrids that aim to cater for worldwide markets rather than localised ones.

Fortunately, the remainder of the book,which focuses on how to use your Kindle, organising collections, downloading books and so on is pretty useful, and actually would serve as a better manual than the Kindle manual itself. The how-to’s are clearly marked and easy to follow for all skill levels. Other articles looking at alternatives to Amazon’s store are genuinely interesting and I’m sure more than one new book will find its way onto the Kindle store from advice given in the publishing chapter.

Just a real shame that, as far as the UK is concerned, this is far from the ‘Ultimate’ Guide to the Kindle. Must try harder I feel.

The Fiction Stroker gives The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Kindle 1 stroke out of 5:

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