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The Greater Manchester Fringe – Preview

April 27, 2012


Last night, The Tiger Lounge was host to a very special party. Creatives, venues, performers and punters mingled with each other to celebrate the official launch of the inaugural  Greater Manchester Fringe, which will see ten venues link up for a programme including live comedy, music, drama, art, workshops and much much more throughout July. The Fiction […]

Manchester Matters: Manchester Culture on the Rocks?

April 24, 2012


Yesterday was World Book Night, a celebration of literary culture and encouragement for wider reading amongst the public. Special events were organised up and down the country, including a special World Book Night celebration with local authors at the Deansgate branch of Waterstones. Yet, there were three bits of bad news that continued to cast […]

Sea Odyssey: The Giant Spectacular – LIVE!

April 22, 2012


Over the course of this weekend, visitors and residents of Liverpool have been treated to a unique street event. French marionette street theatre troupe Royal de Luxe have brought their show to the streets of Liverpool. Two ‘giants’ have been roaming the streets in search of each other as a moving and uplifting story played […]

Comic Club: The Uncanny X-Men – Dark Phoenix

April 20, 2012


For the second in the Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection, attention turns to the band of mutants called the X-Men. Dark Phoenix is widely considered to be one of the all time classic stories. Originally published in 1980 and forming the basis of parts of the story of the X-Men movies, it concerns the absolute […]

Wildthyme Beyond – Paul Magrs

April 11, 2012


Wildthyme Beyond is the latest in the series of stories following transtemporal traveller Iris Wildthyme. With her gin bottle in one hand, and a fag in the other, she and her companion Panda travel through the dimensions in her trusty Celestial Omnibus. In this her second full length novel, Iris and her travelling companions are […]

The Preston Passion

April 8, 2012


The Preston Passion is the latest in a long line of contemporary retellings of classic events or stories engaging local communities from the BBC. Following in the footsteps of the Manchester Passion and the Liverpool Nativity, what has 2012’s offering been like? Opening live on a grey overcast day outside Preston’s iconic bus station and […]

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning – LIVE!

April 2, 2012


Saturday Night, Sunday Morning was Alan Stillitoe’s first novel – an angry piece set in working class Nottingham. It follows Arthur Seaton, one of the original bad lads. A heavy-drinking womaniser with a meagre existence, his duplicity and cocky nature is about to catch him up – but has he ruined the chance of settling […]