Norris and Parker’s Quarter Life Crisis – LIVE!

Posted on October 27, 2012


Norris and Parker, the successful double act are back with their latest show – Quarter Life Crisis. With their trademark mix of jazz, surreal comedy and copyright infringement, lets see how they cope…

A packed crowd was treated to my personal highlight of the comedy fringe so far. Norris and Parker’s self-deprecating style of comedy with caricatures of themselves cranked up to OTT levels  (“sometimes I look at my profile pictures on Facebook and think to myself, if I didn’t know myself, would I think I was pretty?”) was mixed in with wacky sketches from Norris and Parker’s extensive collection of characters.

Indeed, their characters are all unique and hilarious. Stretching from Gary and Philip, the stand-up comedians, one of which just doesn’t know when to shut up from a pair of terrorist nuns through to wildly enthusiastic and shellsuit clad drama coaches Sally and Claire. Even Mani the voiceover man develops into a character of his own right in this unpredictable show. Norris and Parker’s skill is in ensuring that these characters manage to sustain their own personalities given the short time they have to establish them.

The sketches themselves are very funny, a mixture of zany and dark humour with a pinch of reality thrown in. Norris and Parker’s lives have reached the crisis of the title, with their love lives barren, and the Tory government making lives hell for recent graduates, leading to a bizarre montage involving Thatcher, Cameron and even a cameo from Boris Johnson. This is all punctuated with the hysterical rewording of songs from popular animated films.

Outstandingly talented, and gifted with perfect comic timing, Norris and Parker are like a young French and Saunders, with a dash of the zaniness of Reeves and Mortimer thrown in. A gem of the Manchester comedy circuit, Norris and Parker are essential watching. Playing to their strengths, but comically aware of their weaknesses, they should go far.

The Fiction Stroker gives Norris and Parker’s Quarter Life Crisis five strokes out of five:

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