Beast in the Basement/A Sincere Warning About the Entity in Your Home – Jason Arnopp

Posted on October 31, 2012


Successful scriptwriter Jason Arnopp brings us two scary tales perfect for Halloween. One of which you can even get your own unique copy of! Read on to discover the Beast in the Basement and A Sincere Warning About the Entity in Your Home!

Beast in the Basement 

In a big house in the countryside, a recently bereaved and increasingly unstable author toils over a novel which will close the best-selling trilogy of Jade Nexus fantasy books. How do you deal with grief, under such intense pressure? How do you cope with distractions from your work such as a violent intruder, panicked messages from your agent and a potential love interest moving into the cottage across the field? And far worse than any of those problems… what do you do about the Beast in your basement?

Opening with a bang in a blood soaked prologue, we pull back a little to join our protagonist, reclusive novelist PT Sparks at a crucial time in his life. Sparks’ distractions – burglar alarms, his insistent agent, the pretty divorcee across the street, practically anything all contrast against the weight of expectation on Sparks to produce the final Jade Nexus novel. The increasing unease begins to seep through the pages as you realise that’s something so very wrong as the titular beast widens the cracks in Sparks increasingly precarious mental state.

This download only book fits the medium perfectly, long enough to entertain, and perfect for a dark commute home. The short, sharp sentences serve to heighten the tension as events hurtle towards the climax. The snappy prose complements the fast-paced narrative, almost evoking the jump cuts of horror movies. This is a story with isolated locations and psychological torment abundant. It’s a shame that Hammer House of Horror is no longer around as this would have made an absolutely cracking episode.

Beast in the Basement is a short, sharp and shocking Halloween tale superbly plotted and doing that rarest of things in keeping you guessing right until the last page. Beast in the Basement rises far above current torture porn horror movie stories in a extraordinarily cleverly constructed novella with at its heart a disturbingly human plot.

A Sincere Warning About the Entity in Your Home

Imagine a supernatural horror story in which the paranormal activity happens within YOUR home. A Sincere Warning about the Entity in Your Home is presented as an anonymous letter to YOU, which has been sent to YOUR address. It details the terrifying events which happened in your home and which continue to this day.

I devoured this in one sitting; such was the strength of the story contained within. It demands that you keep reading to know what happens next. The neutral tone of the anonymous narrator and the dispassionate way that events, and the curse now haunting you, are handled is enough to make your blood run cold.

Arnopp is quickly establishing himself as a modern day master of horror. The twists and turns are just as heartstopping in print as the visual shocks you would expect from a movie. Arnopp’s eerily suffocating prose merely heightens the horror of this situation, as pulse-pounding encounters with the entity are recounted. The revelation of what exactly the entity is, and the circumstances in which it came to be will leave you gasping.

In the deluxe edition, Arnopp has astonishingly created the opportunity to have your own unique personalised edition of the story that centres you and your life, and is thoroughly recommended. As an experiment in what can be achieved via self-publishing it is a success. As a piece of literature, it’s a modern day masterpiece that ought to sit alongside writers such as Stephen King and Ramsey Campbell.

You could pick up this and Beast in the Basement for less than the price of a pint, and they’re infinitely more entertaining – and will leave you sleepless in fear! Thoroughly recommended.

Beast in the Basement is available for download only here. A Sincere Warning About the Entity in Your Home is available for download here, or extra special deluxe edition bespoke to you via

You can also follow Jason on Twitter @JasonArnopp or read his marvellous blog here.

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