Stroker’s Picks: The Greater Manchester Fringe – Week 1

Posted on July 1, 2013


It’s here – 31 days of music, drama, comedy and much more! The 2nd Greater Manchester Fringe launches today across 13 venues.

You’d be well advised to take a trip over to the GM Fringe website to see the full programme of events as more have been added including Rod Tame, Louise Jameson and a top secret drama project! But we’ll be here to preview our picks of each week. And we’re starting in style with some diverse and fascinating events:

Gein’s Family GiftshopFringe Preview - Gein's Family Gift Shop
1 July, Lass O’Gowrie – tickets here

Likened to the League of Gentlemen, Jam and Big Train, Gein’s Family Giftshop is kicking the Fringe off in style with their darkly black sketch comedy. Previewing their Edinburgh show, this will be worth watching for fans of surreal comedy!

Hand Over FistHand Over Fist
2 – 4 July, Town Hall Tavern – tickets here

From the award-winning Fresh Loaf Productions comes a tale of lost love and sexual attraction and the fading memories of Emily. Struggle along with her as she fights through the barriers of her memory in order to reconstruct the true events of how a romance began.  Critically acclaimed upon its Edinburgh debut last year, this touching monologue now comes to Manchester.

PICK OF THE WEEK: MeanwhileMeanwhile 3
2 – 4 July, Lass O’Gowrie – tickets here

Belfast, 1981, a hostile environment where fighting on the streets and an intimidating military presence is commonplace, and during a political climate where young prisoners are starving themselves to death in protest. However all that the girls in The Dalebrook Torpedoes FC can think about is winning their next game!

From the same creative team that brought you the smash hit ‘The Best’ this is sure to be a fascinating journey back to a troubled time. Lipstick Socialist has an interview with writer and director Colin Connor here that is well worth reading.

NEW: The Verb Project
4 – 7 July, Piccadilly Place

The Verb Project is an exciting new artist-led show in which 9 artists respond in and to the site. The artists participating will use an intriguing mix of installation, live & performance art, sound art and time based medium. The VERB projects are defined through a particular approach to curating with the artists spending time on site creating new art specifically for it. Angela Guyton, Carrieanne Vivianette, Kate Freeborough, Kathryn Miller, Liam Maloney, Louise Brookes, Phil Sanger, Rebecca Rogers & Thomas Evans.  Public launch includes live and performance art.

DIAB peng in corrridorDiabetic Penguins
5 -7 July, Lass O’Gowrie – tickets here

Brand new drama from the pen of Jess Lee hits the Lass O’Gowrie as she takes us on a journey to a teenage mental health ward. Urgent and witty, Diabetic Penguins explores everything, from belly buttons and diabetic penguins to missing your Gran, just don’t say the ‘n’ word (… normal). Diabetic Penguins is also raising money for mental health charities so we’d urge you to dig deep to support their cause.

Keep your eyes open for an interview with Jess Lee where she talks about this exciting new drama later in the week!

Salford’s First All Day Hip-Hop Festival
6 July, Kings Arms – tickets here

Hip-hop comes to Salford as Grass Roots present Salford’s First All Day Hip-Hop Festival. Live music from D’Lyfa Reilly, Misfit Music, Stripez, Clava Collective, YT, Fresh Connection, plus many many more!

Keep up to date with all the goings on across the Fringe over on the Twitter feed @GMFringe. ‘Meanwhile’ photography by Shay Rowan.

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