Stroker’s Picks: GM Fringe Week 3

Posted on July 15, 2013


The heat is still on and there’s a number of shows already sold out in Week 3 of the Greater Manchester Fringe. Everyone’s talking about New Dawn Fades this week, the story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Written by Brian Gorman (who’s graphic novel on the band is coming out later in the year), tickets were red hot. But, never fear, there’s still a lot going on elsewhere including sci-fi comedy in one of Manchester’s hottest sci-fi spots; star comedy at the Kings Arms and the return of MaD Theatre Company! Lets get stuck in.

Rehearsal Space, 14-16 July, Fab Cafe

1062802_10151782104565992_1845892974_nBewilderbeastly Productions present a warm-hearted comedy play set over 30 years, following the trials and tribulations of the people behind a low-budget sci-fi show called ‘Professor Calamity’. Wobbly sets & rubber monsters abound in this homage to the genre.

A Fab Cafe premiere, this is a must for sci-fi and television fans.

JB Barrington/Phill Jupitus, 16 July, Kings Arms

comedyJB Barrington takes the audience on a meander through time. From being told to speak when you’re spoken to and being taught to know your place this collection of poems tells the tales of growing up in Thatcher’s Britain. From tales of Salford dockers of the late 70s, the terrace fashions of the 80s and the chemical explosions of the early 90s comes a gritty yet heartwarming poetry performance of love, life and loss. Fresh from his acclaimed set at the GM Fringe launch, JB Barrington’s unique style is not to be missed. With support from Matt McAtteer.

Following JB’s set is none other than Phill Jupitus (Never Mind the Buzzcocks). After the success of 2012’s Twenty Seven Years On, Phill Jupitus’ alter ego Porky the Poet returns with a new collection of poetry, and ponders the cultural conundrum: how low can you go? An unmissable night of entertainment in the heart of Salford.

Rotten Apples, 18-19 July, Lass O’Gowrie

RottenApplesBelfast 1989. Special Branch detectives are increasingly being given the run-a-around by a dodgy grass in their hunt for notorious terrorist and the Werewolf. But when their increasingly unreliable informant tells them they actually have the Werewolf in custody without realising it, how far will the police go to ensure the facts fit the case?

Rotten Apples is staged with kind permission of author Niall Leonard, husband of E. L. James (50 Shades of Grey). Featuring the directorial debut of Sean Mason and starring Brian Gorman (New Dawn Fades), Morag Peacock (Wine of India).

PICK OF THE WEEK: The Gambit, 17-20 July, Britons’ Protection

GambitWhen two old friends are reunited over a game of chess that made them bitter enemies, it turns out that more than a friendship is at stake, but the future of their country. A political drama in the tradition of plays such as Frost/Nixon and Copenhagen from Rampant Theatre Company. This play received rave reviews at the Buxton Fringe: “One of the unexpected treats of my Fringe” (FringeGuru)

Posh Tramps and Papooses, 20-21 July, Kings Arms

PoshTrampsOnce upon a time in a council house not so very far away lived Ma. She was at the end of her tether with her feral kids and was about to be evicted because of the bedroom tax. However Ma’s Prince Charming appears in the guise of Hector the inspector whom she meets on ‘’. Hector promises to whisk her away to his great big house in the posh part of town which he shares with his incontinent Mother. Will they live happily ever after…?

Hot on the heels of their recent success Gin and Chronic Arthritis, MaD Theatre’s newest production is a return to their unique blend of surreal political satire and downright barmyness made famous by their previous plays such as ASBO, ThaiBrides and Teacakes and Les Puddings Noir.

Also catch:

Norris and Parker‘s unique blend of dark and twisted comedy in their Edinburgh preview (20 July, Lass O”Gowrie/27 July, 3MT), a brilliant new take on a Medieval myth in I Would I Knew Thy Heart – Richard III Retold (21 July, Kings Arms) and a second chance to catch some of the best new short comedies from across the North West in Cuts from the Fringe (18-20 July, Town Hall Tavern).

As ever, full listings are available on the GM Fringe website including NEW shows!

Rehearsal Space Photography by Anne Davies. Posh Tramps and Papooses photography by Shay Rowan.

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