Who is The Fiction Stroker?

The Fiction Stroker is actually Matt, a Environmental Consultant from just outside Manchester. By day, he’s recycling various floorcoverings into new exciting products. By night, hes either out at local events, watching some (variable) telly, or reading on his Kindle. He has a lot to talk about.

Why is he doing this blog?

If you asked him, he’d say “Why not?”. In reality, he is doing this blog as a way of expressing his feelings on various books, or programmes. He can be quite opinionated at times.

Where does all this come fr0m?

Matt grew up as a Doctor Who fan. He developed a taste for classic television from there. Matt preferred books to going out or girls when he was growing up. As a result, he is fairly well read. He is also brilliant at Countdown.

I’ve got something I want reviewing!

Excellent. E-mail him at thefictionstroker@gmail.com and I’m sure he’ll sort something out.

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