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HOAX: Psychosis Blues – Ravi Thornton

June 6, 2014


Mental health issues tend to be an area of society commonly ignored by popular culture. Books, television programmes and films tend to skirt around portraying mental health problems, and when they do tackle them, it can often be a sanitised or unreal experience that follows. Comics have fared better for their portrayal of mental health […]

Who @ 50: An Exciting Adventure with TV Comics!

November 12, 2013


Guest scribe David MacGowan hops on our TARDIS to wax lyrical about TV Comic’s wild and wonderful adventures as we continue to celebrate to Who @ 50!  In fan circles, the Doctor Who comic strip is usually synonymous with Marvel and its fan-friendly teams of writers and artists. Dave Gibbons, Pat Mills, Grant Morrison and many others […]

GM Fringe: Full Stage Splash

July 30, 2013


Full Stage Splash aims to present a condensed history of the comic book from its humble beginnings to creator led ownership via stop-off’s to see the background to your favourite superheroes. Presenting the key figures, heroes and villains of this story, the action switches between part-lecture, part-dramatisation as it tells the narrative of the comic […]

Comic Club: Strip Magazine

April 26, 2013


Strip Magazine is here! With high ambitions to unite comic legends with new talent, it has burst on the indie comics scene. But is there space on the shelves for another comics newcomer? As an anthology series, it has much in common with 2000AD, though with the inclusion of articles and interviews, it is closer […]

Comic Club: Judge Dredd Volume #1 & Slaine: The Grail War

April 12, 2013


Comic Club returns with a round up of two 2000AD related titles on sale now – Judge Dredd Volume 1 from IDW and Slaine: The Grail War from 2000AD. Let’s take a look! Judge Dredd: Volume 1 Mega-City One lawmaker Judge ‘Joe’ Dredd is having something a good year. Portrayed by Karl Urban in a […]

Comic Club: Comic Classics – 2000AD

March 16, 2013


2000AD is one of the UK’s leading weekly comics. It has been publishing for 36 Zarjaz* years now. The anthology approach and cast of colourful characters have been crucial to its longevity. Snarky Judge Dredd, effectively the comic’s lead character, has gone down in legend and was recently brought to life by Star Trek‘s Karl Urban in […]

V for Vendetta – LIVE!

January 9, 2013


After the successful adaptation of The Ballad of Halo Jones back in 2012, attention turns to another of Alan Moore’s seminal works, V for Vendetta. A timeless tale of anarchy against the system, V for Vendetta has endured ever since its first appearance back in 1982 in Warrior magazine. Popularised by the use of the […]