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GM Fringe: Diabetic Penguins

July 6, 2013


WHO: Ryan- Massive David Attenborough fan / Jamal- MC extraordinaire / Danny- the new boy. WHERE: a teenage mental health ward. WHEN: Now. Urgent and witty, this exciting new drama explores everything, from belly buttons and diabetic penguins to missing your Gran. Just don’t say the ‘n’ word (… normal). Considering the potentially loaded subject […]

GM Fringe: Meanwhile

July 4, 2013


Belfast 1981, a hostile environment where fighting on the streets and an intimidating military presence is commonplace, and during a political climate where young prisoners are starving themselves to death in protest, meanwhile all that the girls in The Dalebrook Torpedoes FC can think about is winning their next game. This isn’t the first theatrical […]

GM Fringe: Hand Over Fist

July 3, 2013


A darkly humorous and delicately warming story of lost love, sexual attraction and the atomic fist of a baby. Hand Over Fist is a roller-coaster ride of colourful stories about the life of Emily. Struggle along with her as she fights through the barriers of her memory in order to reconstruct the true events of […]

GM Fringe: Gein’s Family Giftshop

July 2, 2013


Sketch trio Gein’s Family Giftshop have regular performances at the Lass O’Gowrie and their usual slot kicked off this year’s Greater Manchester Fringe. Some combination of good fortitude and promotion saw the room above the Lass absolutely packed – but it seemed that too much focus was accorded on packing people into the room at […]

Stroker’s Picks: The Greater Manchester Fringe – Week 1

July 1, 2013


It’s here – 31 days of music, drama, comedy and much more! The 2nd Greater Manchester Fringe launches today across 13 venues. You’d be well advised to take a trip over to the GM Fringe website to see the full programme of events as more have been added including Rod Tame, Louise Jameson and a […]

Why Don’t You… Get to The Greater Manchester Fringe?

June 21, 2013


The Greater Manchester Fringe is back bigger and better than ever. This week saw the launch of the programme for this year at Canal Street’s Taurus Bar. We were there to get you the lowdown on what’s sizzling this summer. This year, venues across and beyond the city will join forces to bring you an […]

Kafkaesque – LIVE!

October 29, 2012


Influential and highly-regarded author Franz Kafka is brought to the stage in these four tales exploring what it means to be human. Writers Peter Farrah and Rob Johnston have updated and injected new life into these tales for Breathe Out Theatre. Written as four two-handers, over the course of the evening Katherine Godfrey and Adam […]