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Life in a Bubble – LIVE!

December 11, 2012


Steve and his wife’s sisters move into a quaint house on Christmas Eve, completely oblivious to the fact that they have moved into the most dangerous place in the planet. Festive turns into Frantic as they desperately try to avoid their fate in a new comedy from the writer of Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a […]

Kafkaesque – LIVE!

October 29, 2012


Influential and highly-regarded author Franz Kafka is brought to the stage in these four tales exploring what it means to be human. Writers Peter Farrah and Rob Johnston have updated and injected new life into these tales for Breathe Out Theatre. Written as four two-handers, over the course of the evening Katherine Godfrey and Adam […]

Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a M*th£r – LIVE!

August 22, 2012


Picking up a few months after Loitering with Intention, Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Mother (or M*th£r) joins Ben and William as their civil partnership is put under strain now that the honeymoon period is over. With Ben’s ex, Martin staying, and William’s mother turning up on the doorstep, the crowded house is set for […]

Loitering with Intention – LIVE!

August 22, 2012


Manchester-based New Attitude Theatre Company presented the (mis)adventures of couple Ben and William in Loitering with Intention and Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a M*th£r  in a double-bill specially for the  Manchester Pride Fringe. As the two comedies are very different in their style and tone, I’m going to split them into two reviews. Beginning with Loitering with Intention we […]

The Secret Diaries of a Teenage Queer – LIVE!

August 19, 2012


Manchester’s Pride Festival kicked off on 17 August, bringing a programme of drama, dance, art and of course the Pride parade itself to Manchester in the coming days. In keeping wih the developing Fringe scene in Manchester, this year there seems to be even more events to engage and amuse over the course of the […]

Talking Heads – LIVE!

July 30, 2012


Alan Bennett has come to Manchester for two nights only in CTL Productions staging of Talking Heads. Four of the iconic monologues were performed at Taurus Bar over the weekend featuring some of Manchester’s finest actors in these highly regarded pieces. Bennett’s popularity for capturing numerous diverse voices has remained undiminished and with writing of […]